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From founders of the Kremlin Fir-tree and the Fir-tree in the City hall. The VIP the Fir-tree for the smallest to "Borodino the Hall". "New Year's travel of Malysha neposlusha"

The original scenario, unusual light and sound image, laser show, refined restaurant for the small audience, V.I.P remains are met on a red  path by magic gnomes. In the hall foyer — the animation musical program, round dances with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden round a fir-tree, and at a white grand piano of kids I waited itself to Olya-Lukoye

Adults pleased the children with an unusual holiday. That  can be better than opportunity to present to children belief in own dreams and  imaginations which on their eyes turn into reality, filling hearts with good and love.

«New Year's travel of Malysha neposlusha» — is the cheerful musical and instructive fairy tale which hero gets to magic New Year's Eve  dreams. By means of two grandmothers fairies who are to it directly in a  bedroom, it goes on searches of the New Year's Star without which the Fir-tree won't play fires, and even Father Frost won't be able to begin a holiday. On  this way of the Kid adventures and real miracles wait.

Live sound.
For the first time in the history kids passed on a red path and felt a little bit adults under flashes of a photo and video cameras.
The author of music, words, the producer — Mark Sandler